Rotten to the CORE

TheWall1Editor: On Kerrie Dallman’s “Education reformers in denial” editorial today, the men who conceived “Common Core” want control not reform. Dallman’s beef is with all the darn testing (robbing 30% of classroom time) and teaching “to the test” (but no talk of test’s contents). Nor does she mention Common Core. She is a shill, rehashing old arguments to distract from the reality that a tiny group of powerful men HAS poster_common_core_fistCONSPIRED to make billions off the obliteration of American education. In 1989, “Skull & Bones” George Bush Sr. met with the Governors Association at the Charlottesville Education Summit (chaired by “Rhodesian” Gov Bill Clinton) to set “national standards” for education. In 2001, local control of education died with the No Child Left Behind Act signed by (“S&B”) Bush Junior. Governors were baited by grants and threatened with loss of Title¬†I money if they opted out. NCLB widened the achievement gap just in time for the final phase of THEIR plan to detach American youth from their history, extinguish their souls and program them for drone status. In 2008, the Gates Foundation began funding the Hunt Institute to drum up support for centralized education (with ONE data system!). As before, 46 governors were coerced to join Common Core, and through executive order Obama rescinded FERPA privacy laws giving Feds TOTAL ACCESS to every detail of students, teachers and their families. The new “standard” hasn’t a shred of research to support it and not one educational expert signed off on it. It guts key math conceptsBones_logo in grade school, setting back students 1 to 2 years. American history becomes word salad. Suddenly, an Orwellian “truth” becomes possible in the classroom- 1+1 CAN = 3, as long as you can explain your answer. And look out for those math tests! Students report EXTREMELY ODD colors and sounds (why are headphones mandatory?) resulting in headaches and God knows what else. Parents: You opt out BY OPTING OUT! Sincerely, David Bovie

And now, for the weather

haarpEditor, On your “$2 million a year to see the future” editorial today, what a pencil-sharpener-to-porcupine sales job that was! We had a bad storm last year, folks. If we’d had 12 hours notice lives would have been saved. Tada! Pass CO House Bill 1129 to have the best weather forecasting for only 10 million bucks over 5 years (granted to the private NCAR in Boulder). But what if Gov Hick¬†simply paid a top Air Force brass to call the Pentagon every 12 hours and ask whether Colorado’s weather would be targeted that day? Since the UN Weather Weapons Treaty of 1976, nations have agreed “not to engage in military… use of enviromental modification having…severe effects as a means of destruction…to ANY OTHER State Party (Art 1, Sec 1).” haarp-statusDomestic use is fine then. By 1993, the US Air Force (and D.A.R.P.A.) had stolen Dr. Robert Eastlund’s antenna patents (premised upon Nikola Tesla’s work) to construct the world’s largest HAARP array in Gakona, Alaska. Smaller arrays were built too. They pump A BILLION WATTS “into the ionosphere in order to control it,” admitted HAARP Chief Dr. David Walker last year. Not since Nagasaki has the US lurched so far ahead of other nations with a weapon that promises world domination. After the 9/11 Psyop (2001), HAARP was used by madmen without constraint. Two US Senators, Mel Carnahan and Paul Wellstone, had their planes disintegrated by HAARP energy beams weeks prior to their reelections. HAARP beams ARE VISIBLE on Pic 40 - Possible Haarp Locations around the WorldDoppler radar and are used in conjunction with chemtrails to create storms of biblical proportions, aimed PRECISELY, and for political ends. Hurricane Katrina, 2004, enabled the repeal of “Posse Comitatus” (1878) in 2007. Hurricane Sandy got Obama reelected in 2012. Hurricane Yolanda, largest EVER, hit the Philippines in 2013 to compel them to join the TPP. Go watch the satellite replays! Did Hickenlooper get a call telling him he’d best pony up two mill a year or build the Ark? Sincerely, David Bovie