Got Moral Courage?

Dear Editor,

Regarding former UNC assistant coach’s arrest for “drug possession,” I am wondering if you ever actually read this AP story before you printed it. So cops “warned” church leaders of this brash man’s political/religious beliefs because they were not acceptable? Not one line in this story calls the authority’s behavior into question. Who cares what he has written on his car? Do you actually think the cops comprehend the difference between a pissed off Muslim living in Utah and an Islamic Jihadist? Really? He ALLEGEDLY (would have been nice to see THAT quaint word in this story) said that Catholics and Mormons would be ¬†destroyed in the next few weeks. Show me a Jehovah’s Witness who doesn’t agree. And the story ends with a BLATANTLY RACIST remark, meant as a credibility slur, that Dewitt drove around the city wearing sunglasses and a towel on his head (like every Sikh on the¬†planet).

Hey editor, do you think maybe when you are perusing AP stories and you encounter such an ad hominem, prejudiced piece of crap story like this, how about running a story with THIS headline: AP Runs Yet Another Racist Story. Of course, that would take moral courage, though, wouldn’t it?

In response to an Editorial in the Denver Post on Aug. 10, 2013

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