Smashed My Trust

Dear Editor,

Last week, I ripped you for your thoroughly pro-interventionist stand on Syria. This morning, I see, you have reversed yourselves completely, your bellicosity of last week a distant memory. After all, you blew it last week and public response was brutal. I wonder if you understand that to your most loyal readers your choice to lead us in an immoral direction is compounded by your failure to acknowledge that you did so. You should have written a retraction, not done an about face. You do realize that your readers can read, don’t you? Frankly, this reader doesn’t trust you anymore. There isn’t a scrap of logic in this morning’s remarkably well-written piece that you couldn’t have seen last week when it really mattered. You have a lot of trust building to do now.

In response to an Editorial in the Denver Post, Sept. 8th 2013

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