TSA Shooting Hoax – Manic Mannequin Madness

Yep, a hoax.

Check out the press conference with the chief of police. The narration says it all. If there is a simultaneous drill about the EXACT same emergency they are telling us just happened, it is PROBABLY a psyop. They have used the simultaneous drill technique in a half dozen psyops in the past twelve months alone. They used it on 9/11, the London bombings, Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Washington Shooting ETC. This video spells this aspect out nicely:

The name of the alleged shooter is Paul Anthony Ciancia. Yep, that’s CIAnCIA. That isn’t just funny. It’s a counter-intuitive discrediting technique. To point it out as evidence of CIA involvement makes one look ridiculous. By the way, it is likely he doesn’t exist nor the victim. Two mannequins were used for bodies with some ketchup (or catsip if you like) splashed around. I wish they respected us enough not to use mannequins but they don’t.

Disturbing yet predictable, they are painting this man as someone who believed in the New World Order Conspiracy. They are trying to smear us as terrorists now. We are being made the enemy because we can unravel their little games now in less than twelve hours. And yes, I feel that making “conspiracy theorists” out to be security risks was one of several key objectives for this particular psyop (as well as further empowering the TSA). The video below reveals the extent of media infiltration by our intelligence services:

(The interview at the end with Michael Hastings is poignant. He was one of the most important investigative journalists of our time. He saw what was happening and spoke openly. He was assassinated in May of this year.)

And for a guy-on-the-street report (and hilarious yet accurate numerology observations), check this one out (beware of profanity):

Here is raw cell phone footage of how it all “went down.” The cops swooped in and saved everyone from having a good day. This also reveals the “real time” control of media affiliates by their corporate slave masters. This video calls into question whether there was a shooter at all:

Was there a shooter or shooting AT ALL? I don’t think so and most of my reasons are neatly illustrated in the video below. The fact that nobody at “Ciancia’s” building complex knew him would be conclusive piece of evidence number one. They aren’t even bothering to create “patsies” anymore (like Lee Harvey Oswald). They simply create people out of thin air and make them disappear at will. Please watch:

And here is the best false witness report of them all. On one of the earlier links the observation is made that a false witness at LAX was also the same now infamous fake witness on 9/11. That intrigued me. This now seems more plausible to me after the evidence presented in the video below. At the least, this man is INDISPUTABLY a false witness as you will see. Check it out:

Last I give you one of my favorite Truthers from the underground – TeamWakeEmUp. He is astute and hilarious. This video would be a bit redundant if not for his wonderfully entertaining and illuminating commentary.


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  1. Awesome to see a consolidation of all this content into one post. There’s tons of videos on this already and its hard to find the best of all of them. Thanks!

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