Manipulations Accelerating

 As we move closer to tyranny, folks, Truthers will be further atomized, ostracized and, eventually, eliminated. This is difficult if there are too many of us, however. The truth is impossible to hide forever. If you refuse to see the truth that lay before you because the enormity of the implications of that truth are too nightmarishly dystopic to contemplate, consider the more horrific consequences on a scale none of us can yet fathom if we continue to allow ourselves to deny what is in front of our eyes. The TSA Shooting psyop was one of three that New World Order conspiracy realists (like me) have identified in the past month alone. The pace of these manipulations is accelerating.

What can you do? Here are some practical ideas any one of which would constitute “doing your part.”

  • Call or email your local newspaper or elected officials REPEATEDLY. Yes, it would also help if you read said paper first. Attend public meetings. Get involved.
  • Speak openly about the political charade. This conspiracy depends on hiding in plain sight. Once they lose that then our one advantage, sheer numbers, swings the balance.
  • Hang a sign up (or chalk or spray paint) in a busy area that “outs them.” (“Boston Bombing was a False Flag!”)
  • Stop voting for either Democrats or Republicans. Find another party or run for office yourself as an independent. No joke. We can still, technically, vote them out of office. That opportunity is passing, though.
  • Buy guns but NEVER USE VIOLENCE. They are begging us to fight them with weapons. If we do that now, we will lose. If we remain polite while they are clubbing us, there are an additional seven billion people on this planet whose opinions do matter. When tyranny comes, though, all bets are off.
  • Stop using big banks. Close that account. Open an account with a community bank or a credit union. Big banks are too big to fail because we keep doing business with them. They have no loyalty to country, only to money, but smaller entities have a vested interest in their communities. Even better, go cash only. Think about it. You use a bank to keep your money safe from thieves by giving it to robber barons who have taken over our political system. You keep your money in a bank to keep it away from yourself, yet they rig it so your “instant access” dings you with measurable bank charges every year. Aren’t you clever enough to find a safe place for your own money? Do the math. How much time and money would you SAVE by not using a bank?
  • Buy eight cameras. One for your person, two for your car, and five for your home should do it. Make it a live feed and don’t use a third party. Set up your own system. You can learn how to do it in ten minutes (youtube it). Most of them should be button cameras – small and  hidden and make sure you have audio. Do not tell anyone you are filming them including the cops. Just be polite… By the way, it’s legal to film a public official in all fifty states, Supreme Court approved, and that includes cops and they damn well know it.
  • Identify, smash or obstruct at least one public camera per week. That is literally taking down the surveillance state. Spray paint is probably the cheapest method with the least chance of a felony conviction or a suicide by cop, but paint ball guns make it just plain fun. I would start with your own neighborhood and work out from there. If it’s appropriate, run it by your neighbors. Take down the State’s cameras and put up your own. If you have a partner, you could probably whack several a night. Soon, such activities will be deemed acts of terrorism so we haven’t much time. At the least, buy a hundred dollar camera locator and make a “hidden camera map” of your town. They can’t arrest you for that and that information will be invaluable.
  • Refuse BOTH the body scan and the pat down at airports. It is your right, under TSA rules, to demand a metal detector. This takes five minutes instead of five seconds. Thus, if more than ten percent of air travelers opt out, soon the TSA will have no choice but to get rid of the body scans altogether which don’t work at all by the way.
  • Stop carrying your cell phone with you. Your cell phone is a tracking device. That is how you should think about it and no other way. Carrying your phone with you all the time creates a real time record of your every move. That data is being collected and stored in the NSA’s brand spanking new facility in Utah. The CIA calls this “human mapping.” If you share my opinion that the Federal government is essentially the enemy, it doesn’t make much sense to provide the enemy with a detailed account of your daily existence. Do you really need to carry your phone at all times? If so, I strongly encourage you to purchase a “signal blocking bag.” They are cheap and well worth the money. That will block all attempts to create a GPS trail on you.
  • When stopped at either a DUI or Immigration checkpoint, first ask the cops if you are being detained or are you free to go. Do not give them your license or roll your window down all the way or allow them to intimidate you out of your rights. Just keep repeating the question. Am I being detained or am I free to go? Unless they had an initial reason to stop you, they are legally obligated to let you go. Make them arrest you if they insist and you will win the case for certain if you are filming. Remember that cops are legally allowed to lie to you and they are not allowed to provide any exculpatory evidence in your favor in a trial. Never answer whether you are an American citizen or not. You have a constitutional right to travel unmolested throughout your country and the cops know it. If they suspect you of a crime, they will tell you that you are being detained and then it is reasonable to comply. Otherwise, checkpoints are an opportunity for you to get arrested and resist this tyranny. If ten percent of the population did this, it would soon be obvious that we are much too resistant to conditioning for them to escalate to tyranny. We will have conditioned THEM.
  • Hide your guns in a safe place. If you want to keep one for home defense, fine, but stop fooling yourself that you are going to resist gun confiscation in a bath robe and flip flops in your kitchen. It’s coming. They will use overwhelming force. That means resistance must come AFTER it happens, and that means you better have a handy stash of guns tucked away.
  • Go pay a visit to your sheriff. Constitutionally, they are the highest law enforcement officials in the country and they are fully aware of the tyranny that’s coming. Run this list by them and see what THEY think. Make sure they know that you have stashed guns just in case and are ready to be deputized if that is ever needed. My sheriff’s name is Glen.
  • Stop being such a weenie. Our forefathers bled and died for what’s being stolen from us. Ask questions, demand answers, and DON’T BE AFRAID TO GET ARRESTED. It isn’t that big of a deal. Nobody in there cares that you are in there. And if you were smart and filmed the encounter secretly, then you will have the pleasure of humiliating the cop in front of the judge and his commanding officer and the media. You don’t get to experience that sweet delight unless you suffer the bitter humiliation beforehand.
  • Do NOT, under any circumstances, believe a single word on face value that you hear from the “mainstream media” be it leftward or rightward nor how adorable or witty may be the host. They are lying. Get over it. Your government is not your government anymore. It went rogue. We just got to figure a way to get these bastards out of power. It’s been done countless times before.
  • Stop worrying about WHAT other people are thinking and focus on HOW other people are thinking. Never argue. Simply insist politely that they view your evidence. They will laugh. They will get angry. Then they will get silent. Allow that process to happen and soon they will be telling you troublesome things that they have noticed and observed. That is how you wake someone up.
     It’s really a bad news/good news situation. The bad news is that your country is run by a megalomaniacal cabal which legally controls virtually every institution around you and they want you effectively enslaved or dead. The good news is that if you do nothing then that fate is inevitable which means that you MUST be a patriot and resist or you will be enslaved or die in a tiny cell all alone eating cockroaches. Okay, not a bunch of good news there, I admit, but that is the situation.
     It took Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s band of obstinate, peaceful dissenters TEN YEARS to end Jim Crow in the South. This may take longer and cost us more, but Dr. King showed us the way. Love your enemy!
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-David Bovie M.A.


5 thoughts on “Manipulations Accelerating

  1. A lot to take in at midnight. Thought provoking and scary at the same time. Will read more.

  2. You write in the vein of Hunter S. Thompson and your words fly off the screen and attach to my psyche like Bill Hicks stand-up. Keep it up, I’m thoroughly impressed.

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