No More Mannequins!

IMG953633.jpgDear Editor:┬áRegarding the Jeff Price LAX shooting propaganda piece this morning, I’m wondering if the Denver Post, with all its connections to the intelligence community, could please pass on a request from New World Order conspiracy REALISTS. When pulling off these psyop hoaxes, could you ask them to stop using mannequins (and ketchup)? What happened to the JFK days of QUALITY state crimes against Americans that took decades not hours to unravel? Not trying to be too critical here, just please PLEASE no more mannequins! We find it offensive. Sincerely, David Bovie

2 thoughts on “No More Mannequins!

  1. If you take this image and match it up with the various news reports shown in the videos posted in the “TSA Shooting Hoax – Manic Mannequin Madness” where they say he was shot 4 times in the mouth and leg. This image “paints” a different picture. 1.) His leg doesn’t appear to be shot at all. The blood smear on his inner thigh appears to be a hand print (my guess made when the person applying fake blood grabbed the leg to position it.) If it were in the upper thigh where we can’t see there sure would be a lot more blood than seen here. 2.) If no shots or possibly just one went into the leg that suggests that the other shots were to his mouth. I’m no CSI but unless they were using an air pellet gun (maybe even a Red Ryder)there wouldn’t be much left of his face and jaw let alone his mouth if he (it) would have taken more than 1 shot to the mouth. I have to agree here, you would think a false flag staged in the land of Hollywood would have much better production quality and a tighter story… who knows, maybe we are outsourcing our psyops too.

    • When you remove the body and fake red splotch from the picture, what remains is an opaque, digital outgrowth which always appears when something has been added to a picture. Every time you save a copy of a picture, a digital outline is left behind. This picture is an obvious fraud for that reason. No court in the country would accept it as anything but a fake.

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