A Good Time for Tough Questions

a-ARAPAHOE-HIGH-SCHOOL-SHOOTING-640x420Dear Editor: Only 4 days ago I wrote to you that the only way out of the Sandy Hoax debacle was to perpetrate more hoaxes and here we have another ASTOUNDINGLY well timed school shooting at Arapahoe HS in Denver. My verdict is still out, but I know I can count on the DP to get the cops to release the footage, explain WHY this overachiever was after that particular teacher, what EXACT training (and when did cops receive it) that you mentioned in this morning’s paper, and why (or whether) he shot a 15 year old girl instead. I also expect us bold Truthers with the irritating questions to be excoriated as usual. We can take it. Sincerely, David Bovie, Denve

2 thoughts on “A Good Time for Tough Questions

  1. So glad our busy friends in government found time in this hectic holiday season to squeeze in one last psyop for the year. It’s really a testament of scheduling genius to have this event follow the recent memorial for shooting victims that dominated the news cycle this past week. I liken it to an awesome infomercial where just when you think that’s all they toss in “and it kills twice the number of kids than other leading brands” to seal the deal. It’s too bad the government doesn’t put the same amount of money into Education Funding that it has sunk into gun control. It would seem a far better thing to educate our children instead of sacrificing them in the interest of national security. Oh wait.. I’m missing the point and assuming that kids and Americans themselves are more important than this agenda.

    I agree its too soon to say if this is yet another hoax or not but the timing just seems too perfect for it not to be.

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