Can’t Handle Any More “Truth”

Truth-LiesDear Editor: So CT Police released new documents yesterday regarding Sandy Hoax? What new stuff was revealed? That only certain paramedics could handle the sight? (NAME ONE!) The names of the children? (Nope) That “acting head janitor” Rick Thorne (check out his phony 911 call!) tried to stop Lanza? (Hilarious!) That these documents were redacted like this was a CIA op? (Duh!) That the phony 911 calls were pulled off the net last week? (Not mentioned) That there is NO RECORD of Adam Lanza in the 3 years before the hoax? (meaning all that psychological diagnosis stuff is contrived) The Denver Post has abdicated its journalistic integrity with its insistance on perpetuating this fraud. Sincerely, David Bovie

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