Manifest Destiny?

269188333_fb66501026Dear Editor: Regarding Mr. Limerick’s 2 page, six column historical comparison between Manifest Destiny and the Israeli apartheid and war crimes against and displacement of the Palestinians, he missed a big distinction; one was in the 19th century and the other is right now and must be stopped. Boycotts, like the ASA’s of Israeli academic institutions, are intended to make smart Israelis realize that people aren’t listening to the wan sophistry of planted Mossad agents like Mr. Limerick any more. What is his argument? That Americans should turn a blind eye to genocide today because our forebears engaged in it? The third comparison Limerick omitted was to Hitler’s policy of Lebensraum. And now I suppose he’d call me antisemitic! Sincerely, David Bovie, M.A.

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