We SHALL overcome, Pete!


Dear Editor: Vince Carroll’s “tribute” to the late American patriot Pete Seeger displayed the very same “blind spot” Carroll accuses  once-Communist Seeger of possessing. How does he manage to mischaracterize the Nazi-like US invasion of Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin lie EXACTLY comparable to inside job 911) as well as CIA assassinations and coups throughout the third world over the past seventy years? These actons, OUR actions, were what drove Seeger to seek an alternative, if naive, philosophy. Yes, Seeger supported the Soviet Union, as did the US when it suited its interests. Seeger saw the communist label used as a manipulative tool by elites to trick the masses to serve their narrow, evil ends just as “terrorism” is today. Wake up, Vince! The United States is now the Fourth Reich because we had too few Seegers heroically speaking truth to power. This was a shameful eulogy penned by a coward.
 WE LOVE YOU, PETE! Sincerely, David Bovie

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