Psyops Go Hollywood

smDear Editor: Is the Post going to ignore the “deadly shooting” (allegedly 7 dead, 7 wounded) in Isla Vista, CA on Friday night? It’s been 3 days without a peep from you about it. Let me get you started. Elliot Rodger, 22, son of Peter Rodger, co-director of “Hunger Games” (newsworthy right there!) committed suicide after the multiple drive by shootings on UCSB campus. Obviously gay, handsome, rich, and a poor actor, Rodger uploaded Youtube vids lamenting his inability to sleep with women. We have phony witnesses, only peripheral footage released, and victim’s parents defying human nature to tearlessly blame the NRA for their “loss” the next day. Ex-Homeland Security Chief Napolitano runs the whole UNC system now. Maybe you guys should send someone down there to see how she pulled this off? Are you trying to regionalize the resistance by limiting coverage of domestic psyops or are you finally growing a conscience? Sincerely, David Bovie

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