ucsb_psyopThe reported shooting and stabbing incident at and near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus on Friday night, May 23rd, was reported by all mainstream media outlets in the United States. Twenty two year old Elliott Rodger allegedly murdered seven and wounded seven more in ten separate crime scenes both with a knife and guns. He then committed suicide.

Actually, none of this happened.

This was a fictional operation perpetrated by our government as a propagandist psychological operation intended to move public opinion in favor of gun registration followed by confiscation (it isn’t “gun control” if you no longer have a right to own a gun). This is the latest in a series of false shooting incidents that are completely staged and publicized for the purpose of creating mass hysteria to galvanize public support behind radical, unconstitutional anti-gun legislation both on the state and federal levels.

Just remember, their fundamental strategy is to create a problem, get a reaction, and provide the solution. That is the methodology of these psyops.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t doubt it was fake. First, the “crime scenes” are phony and clear evidence of foreknowledge of the shooting:

Jeff C. lays it out nicely. They had replacement glass on site the night of the shooting because they knew those windows would be shot out. Also, a real shooting is cleaned up by people in Hazmat suits, not minimum wage employees in T-shirts and ball caps.

Short and sweet, Kate Slate shows us that the crime was tampered with in many ways. They moved a child’s bike in, they replaced the BMW, and there is no blood anywhere in the vehicle where a man supposedly just shot himself in the head (after which the police claimed to have handcuffed him but more on that later).

Let’s take a closer look at that:

Here is a great roundtable discussion about the crime scene with evidence the press chose not to make available to the public:

Now reader, you must understand the ramifications of what you just saw. All of that PROVES that this event did not take place the way they said it did. But I am calling this a psychological operation (or “psyop”), and here is why. The story they created they spun with specific ends in mind. For example, they used fake witnesses:

Kate doesn’t have to narrate a bit. Just watch these horrible performances!

But let’s see what TeamWakeEmUp has to say about this couple.

Paulstal did such a great job here revealing from the fake crime scene itself evidence of the perpetrators of this hoax. People who don’t believe in conspiracies (apparently their parents never conspired to lie to them about Santa Claus) often like to skip to the end, before viewing any evidence, and go straight for the nuts. Who is behind all of this? they scream smugly. The best answer to that is to ask oneself who would benefit. That’s why I really appreciate that Paulstal pointed out the product placements displayed throughout this psyop.

And here is Chris C. with another fake witness, Alissa “the Popper” Hopper.

Chris C. gets excited on this one so beware of profanity but I was dropping F bombs myself as I was watching it so Im cool with it.

TeamWakeEmUp’s research on the actors and actresses hired as witnesses to this treachery exposes them for the phonies they are. Let’s just watch him work, shall we?

The narrative continues…

Surprise! She’s an actress!

How fake was this one? Let’s look at the “shooter” himself. Elliot Rodger is the son of Co-director of Hunger Games Peter Rodger. That’s important since Elliot uploaded videos of himself speaking in different locations mainly about his inability to attract women. Note the poor acting, script reading, detached manner, and, oh yeah, the green screen behind him. He is in a studio! Did his Dad film them? See for yourself:

At 5:26, you can see the green screen as he walks…

This green screen stuff is used on us all the time.

Of course, you know your psyop is in trouble when millions of Americans are seeing the green behind your fabricated villain. Time to bring in a British bulldog. Astoundingly great research, Jeff C.!

Okay, but why go to all this trouble? What do they want? Well, let’s look at what the propaganda is telling us. TeamWakeEmUp tells it like it is:

More specifically, this psyop was intended to galvanize the public behind the new Mental Health Bill.

Please see “Manipulations Accelerating” in a different portion of this blog to find out what you can do about this.

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David Bovie M.A. June 1rst, 2014

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