Failing Grade

Failed Stamp Showing Reject Or FailureDear Editor: Regarding your editorial today “A setback for a probing press,” you have got to be kidding. “Congress shall make NO LAW abridging…the freedom of press” says the First Amendment. Your paper HAS FAILED to inform the public that an amendment to the NDAA has made legal these psyops designed to manipulate the public. You HAVE FAILED to investigate these operations as they have occurred. You expect us to believe your paper is at the mercy of Obama’s reign when your sacred duty is to the Constitution and the American people. Your abrogation of this duty has been sickening to watch and constitutes traitorous behavior. It has also resulted IN DEATHS. You dont ask a government, ANY GOVERNMENT, to please give you your rights. You exercise them and make them explain their response. Your paper has behaved CRIMINALLY. Sincerely, David Bovie

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