Jumped the gun on the TPP

 121346-400x272Dear Neo-Liberals,

     So you FINALLY feel cozy enough to start pushing for the TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership (“Don’t undermine trade agreements” editorial today) which IS NOT a trade agreement. It is a corporate Trojan Horse. Corporations will be compensated for “potential lost profits” (like warning labels and minimum wage laws) and protected from legal liability COMPLETELY. The Fair Use Doctrine will be nullified by Treaty and ISPs will be net police enforcing a “3 strike policy” against people sharing info about gov’t lies. Wages will drop in America to match those in Vietnam and this insanity will encompass 40% of the world’s economy, and this is the tip of the ice burg. This bill must be “fast tracked” by Congress to pass which means no discussion. The Constitution will be void. One question: Before you Post fools follow the Bankers over this cliff, hadn’t you better have already confiscated
 our guns? David Bovie

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