The Gravity of Your Deception

p00j144y_640_360Dear Editor: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act,” says brother Orwell. This Day in History today states that two men walked on the moon in 1969. An examination of the evidence reveals that we didnt, couldnt have, and faked it to pad defense spending and militarize space. Life STILL cannot pass through the Van Allen radiation belts discovered in 1958 which encircle the earth. ALL NASA moon shots are OBVIOUS fakes. Motion film reveals that they were filmed in Earth’s gravity, in artificial light, with studio print screen and wires to fake moon’s 1/6th gravity. Assassination silenced the honest (Grissom). Greed encouraged the liars (Aldrin). Armstrong remained QUIET. It is difficult to find a comparably bold government fraud in the 20th century. Crazy that the Denver Post fell for it. Sincerely, David Bovie


20 reasons we know NASA faked the “moon landings”

1-The LEM never flew successfully on Earth. Armstrong had to eject and almost died. If your prototype fails, you don’t go on with the mission. But you damn sure aren’t going to make it to the moon if you try.
2-You can’t make footprints without moisture. There is no moisture on the moon.3-There is no dust upon landing or take off. Impossible.4-There is no crater beneath the LEM. Impossible.

5-The lines on many of the pictures have studio print screen lines on them. Dead giveaway they were taken in a studio using print screen, precursor to the green screens of today.

6-The pictures demonstrate professional composition impossible with a Hasselblad camera that has no view finder and manually operated.

7-There are no over exposures on any portions of the 17,000 pictures taken on Apollo 11. That would be impossible for a SINGLE picture, let alone 17,000.

8-There are no “bracketing” pictures. This is a photographic term that means a picture taken prior to a shot to gauge conditions so you don’t over expose the portion of the picture you want to take. No over exposures AT ALL plus no bracketing pictures is beyond impossible. That is OZ.

9-The craft couldn’t fit the payload. Three men plus two buggies plus equipment COULDN’T FIT in that small craft.

10-There is one or several fundamentally flawed aspects to every single one of the moon shots. Euclidean reality doesn’t apply to them and photojournalists reject them out of hand almost at a glance. They could not have been taken on the moon.

11-The engines couldn’t lift the stated payload. This is well-established by a 1966 report regarding the limitations of the Saturn rocket in regard to tonnage. It could not handle the stated payload.

12-The surface of the moon in sunlight is 250 degrees. Film melts at 150 degrees. DONE.

13-Many of the pictures supposedly taken at different times and places have identical landscapes. IDENTICAL. Impossible.

14-Many of the pictures reveal secondary or ambient light other than the sun. This is the “shadow problem” which is rampant through these phony pictures.

15-A coke bottle was seen by Australian viewers, the first country in the world to see the raw as yet unedited transmissions “from the moon.” The coke bottle was right there on the surface of the moon. Many called in to complain. It was reported in newspapers, but it was edited out by the time the rest of the world saw it.

16-Several “pings” occur on the “live” footage indicative of wires used to aid in making them appear to be walking in 1/6 gravity. These pings are flashes of light and are unmistakeable.

17-Several times cosmonauts are seen getting pulled up from the ground with no apparent means of doing so. This is the corroborating evidence that wires were used to simulate 1/6th gravity.

18-The buggy race kicked up a bunch of dirt, dirt that behaved exactly like flying dirt would on the Earth. It lands on the footage in the arc it would in Earth’s gravity. It should keep traveling in 1/6th gravity, but it doesn’t. It was filmed on Earth.

19-The jumping of the cosmonauts replicates a jump on Earth. There are no displays of huge weightless jumps. The footage was merely slowed.

-Number 20: (drum roll) There is this radiation belt (The Van Allen Radiation Belt) that encircles the Earth, thousands of miles thick, that the Apollo crew members could not have traversed and survived.


2 thoughts on “The Gravity of Your Deception

  1. Thank you for your very excellent 20 reasons. It so amazes me that most people ignore truth. I still am blown away by your excellent competence to publish this as so many ‘scientists’ seem either brainwashed or reprobate, imho.

    4 days ago, I woke up, after studying NASA lies. (I was brainwashed over 50 years)

    It seems so many people believe what is right in their own eyes.

    Again, thank you.


    • You are very easily fooled by the nonsense listed here Philip. For example, simply go to YouTube and search for “Apollo Test LLRV” and “Apollo Test LLTV” and look at the long list of videos showing the Lunar lander training/research vehicle being flown successfully by the trainee astronauts.

      That’s the same vehicle that Neil had to eject from ONCE (all flying vehicles are subject to crashing), just once, and yet the author assumes that’s the one and only test, where he obviously did absolutely no research before making the first claim in his list, so why should we take anything else on his list seriously?

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