David has Become Goliath

article-palestine-europeDear Editor: What a shock that you have come out in favor of Israeli genocide of the Palestinians in your editorial today, “Israel was forced to defend itself.” Never mind that Israel CREATED Hamas to circumvent Arafat in the 90’s. Never mind that they supplied them with the “rockets” (experts describe them more accurately as “fireworks” resulting in TWO Israeli deaths). Never mind that this was MOSTLY about continued funding for “Iron Dome,” the Israeli missile defense system that DOESN’T WORK. These human beings have been placed on an exact calorie diet by their Nazi Israeli rulers. Their one power plant has been destroyed. Their children are used for target practice. Guess what? The Palestinians have a right to defend themselves! DidĀ AIPAC spell check this editorial? EIGHTEEN HUNDRED DEAD!! Sincerely, David Bovie

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