Provoking Not Protecting

A6A1F7C2-388D-4D46-A530-EB908259C838_cx0_cy3_cw0_mw1024_mh1024_sDear Editor: Regarding the Ferguson Shooting Psyop story today, “Governor orders curfew” (what would the Post do without the Pentagon’s Washington Post?), we have original police scanner audio of dispatchers receiving initial reports FROM MEDIA, not incoming 911 calls, about the shooting.  We have cops WATCHING as  provocateurs, not locals, loot shops. We have an over the top crackdown meant to condition us to the new fascist normal as the national media shoves the “racism meme” down our throats AGAIN. Deliberate withholding of officer’s name but release of names of arrested protesters and phony convenience store footage, NSA’s “Anonymous” misreporting of officer’s name twice, the absurd arrest of “journalists” in a McDonald’s for trespassing – all of this is pure Cointelpro tactics of bygone days. To what end? To keep us distracted and divided so they can pass legislation like the TPP.
 Amazing coverage, Post! No, really! Sincerely, David Bovie

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