False Flag Alert!

james-foley-beheadingEditor, Regarding James Traub’s “Would money have saved James Foley” in paper today (from Foreign Policy, a NEW Pentagon source. Nice!), does the Post ever actually view primary evidence anymore? I sure do. Damn peculiar “beheading video” that’s missing the beheading! You DO see blood packs held to his FOREHEAD begin to shoot ketchup before “terrorists” fade their beheading video, sans beheading, to black. And now there is a Dept of Justice warning to any who disseminate the video! Good thing his parents came out to the press the DAY AFTER their son’s faked death looking amazing and,┬ájust like Sandy Hoax parents, utterly tearless. Pentagon backed ISIS is the Pentagon’s path into Syria (since the American people said NO last year), but CIA asset Foley’s poor acting only made them look like fools to international observers beyond the reach of Gestapo Homeland Security. Perhaps the Post should just watch the video… Sincerely, David Bovie

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