Truther Victory! False Flag Foiled

telegraphuk-foley_murder_video_may_have_been_stagedEditor: Washington Post Ruth Marcus’s fantasy piece in the Post today, “What line to draw on beheadings,” reveals the disconnect between the Pentagon’s lies and the world’s understanding of what the US has become. The US government wants to invade Syria and will lie without conscience to achieve that end. Trouble is, Ruth, that the lie was told so poorly THIS TIME that even stupid Americans know it. The lie is now mainstream news! Sorry, darlin, but fellows like me who don’t want our boys sent to murder women and children in distant lands ANYMORE will examine the excuse laid before us by the biggest liar in the world, the Pentagon, no matter how scary you make it sound. The Foley video IS NOT scary or disgusting because it is phony. No fear on his face. No blood. No beheading. You lied. We were not fooled. No war. Sorry. Not even a nice try. Maybe you should blow up some more buildingsĀ in lower Manhattan.

Sincerely, David Bovie

One thought on “Truther Victory! False Flag Foiled

  1. David,
    Where, in the mainstream news, is this “beheading” recognised as a lie? Regardless, I’d have to agree, the American people need to see unedited evidence if we’re to be called upon for an opinion. The more so if there is to be a military response. If we can stand to ship our kids off to DIE in Syria then we can stand to witness the crime that provokes that response.
    Kris Voss

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