Another Fake Head for “Greater Israel”


Greater Israel boundaries encompasses richest oil deposits in the world.

Journalist Steve Sotloff

Editor: Your AP story today “Slain U.S. journalist was Israeli citizen” misstates the world’s “horror” at seeing ANOTHER phony beheading video. The horror is at the poor quality of Pentagon propaganda. Maybe I’m picky, but if I don’t SEE the beheading then I don’t buy it, especially when no beheading is on film, a week after the Foley fraud. At least they cut to a gory shot of a bloody head on a body, though. ISIL is a Pentagon creation, as McCain et al admitted recently. ISREALI Sotloff’s fake beheading makes it clear whose interest is served by a US invasion of Syria. The goal is longstanding: Israel wants a “Greater Israel” (google that!) by using the US to destabilize its neighbors, Syria being next on list. Once Israel expands to incorporate oil rich areas, they wont need us anymore. Keep the Hollywood productions coming, Pentagon! Soon your only purpose in the world will be to
 oppress Americans at home. Sincerely, David Bovie

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