Three Lies Does Not the Truth Make

Orange Jumper Model, David Haines

David Haines

Editor: On the front page Haines “beheading” story today, three lies does not the truth make! All you see on this one is a neck massage and some blood splattered feet. This one was British. So now we have three sheep dipped “victims” in 3 weeks- CIA, Mossad and MI6- and Obama’s henchmen openly stating on Friday that we are at war with “The Islamic State” (couldn’t make up a better name than that?) equipped with NEW American arms and vehicles that just happens to stretch into Syria.

MI6 Joins the Game

MI6 Joins the Game

Once Assad’s Syria is overthrown, the Project for A New American Century (takeover of 7 Middle East countries) devised by NeoCons in the mid 90’s will be complete. What’s next, fellas? World War III? Sincerely, David Bovie

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