It’s Not the Teachers Who are Being Childish

7-Dwarfs-grumpy-12097190-1024-768Jefferson County teachers

Editor, On “Jeffco teachers’ childish stunt” editorial today, why is it when arrogant authority (Jeffco school board) is reminded who holds real power (bold, ballsy striking teachers who are teaching students a most AMERICAN lesson), that authority dubs them “childish?” Jeffco is forming a “curriculum council” that censors history to promote “patriotism, the free enterprise system, and respect for authority?” Are you MAD? Your essay casts teachers as ingrates by discussing their high pay (of the “highest paid” not average pay, I note). shutterstock_47614261This has NOTHING to do with money which is why you seven Post staffers managed to miss the point of the lesson. How childish! Also amusing how you seven dwarfs attempt to dictate what is and is not “acceptable protest.” Vince, weren’t YOU all hating on Pete Seager in January for his love of the Soviet Union? Let’s let the public decide what is acceptable protest, Commies.
Sincerely, David Bovie

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