Don’t Buy the EBOLIE

140916-ebola-mn-730_92341479fd1680bb940c8cbdc4a58bdaEditor: In “The ugly politics of the Ebola saga” editorial in Post today, the secret is WAY OUT, folks. EboLie is a global fraud. It’s not here OR in Africa (except in CIA labs). The CDC is a private corporation with a vested interest in faking a virus, terrifying the public, and rushing FDA approval of dangerous “antidotes.” There is NO DOMESTIC QUARANTINE taking place because there is NO EBOLIE. The US is paying thugs in Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone (all prosperous nations prior to “outbreak”) to poison water wells with formaldehyde and “die” on camera for Western viewers.BRICS-Logo-LMI Actual EboLie motive is a global scapegoat for the imminent crash of the dollar when BRICS lending goes live next year. Then it’s goodbye petrodollar and Americans will be the global have nots for the first time since the 30’s, followed by military martial law. Warning: attempts at vaccinations will result inĀ mass deaths and not from EboLie. Sincerely, David Bovie

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