Marysville, WA Psyop: NWO Standard Operating Procedure

Jaylen-Fryberg-Shooter-Washington-State-620x425Editor: On the Marysville, WA shooting psyop (on Friday, Oct 24) story today, “Hailed as a Hero”, sigh. SWAT training was announced Oct 22nd on Marysville School District web site (removed after Friday’s DRILL). Lone nut? Nah. Jaylen Fryberg was a freshman Homecoming Prince who loved to hunt (FB shows normal kid but gov’t created Twitter posts are cryptic). MK Ultra or swat_trainingCIA fiction we may never know but defying all common sense except in Psyopland, Jaylen allegedly killed himself after allegedly shooting another student. Crisis actors, fake heroes (gotta have at least one of those), staged pics and footage abound (NWO S.O.P.). All of this in Bill Gates’ backyard WEEKS before WA voters vote on two radical gun control measures, each conceived by a tiny group of WA billionaires who funded an $8 million public campaign to pass them. This is the New World Order, Post dwarfs, and marysvilleshootinghoax232-318x351I wonder where you will get your news after I’m shot dead for not agreeing to get vaccinated for EboLie. Course, you aren’t in the news business, though, are you? Sincerely, David Bovie

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