We Don’t Need Another Hero

6nov2014---reportagem-do-telegraph-desta-quinta-feira-6-mostra-rob-oneill-ex-integrante-dos-seals-grupo-de-elite-da-marinha-dos-estados-unidos-como-autor-dos-tiros-que-mataram-osama-bin-laden-em-14152769118Editor, On your Bin Laden propaganda piece today, “Former SEAL: ‘I didn’t think I would survive,'” sure took the Pentagon a while to pick their phony hero for this particular deception. 911, of course, was perpetrated by Cheney & Co at the behest of the elites as an excuse to invade the Middle East and pass the Patriot Act. Why so long to pick this hero though? Thomas Ferebee, Enola Gay crew member who pushed the button that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, came home to a ticker tape parade. Did the Pentagon have to murder certain members of SEAL team 6 first?

Hero turned motivational speaker and on lecture circuit.

Hero turned motivational speaker and on lecture circuit.

This happened on August 6th, 2011 in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan (17 SEAL Team 6 dead, largest death toll in any single incident in Afghan war from “lucky” strike). Bin Laden died at least a decade ago from kidney problems and Robert O’Neill, or whatever his actual name, is a liar. Don’t spose you’d want to let people know,
 would you? Sincerely, David Bovie

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