That’s Mighty White Of Ya, Barry!


On book jacket of Barry Soetoro’s first book, Journeys in Black and White

Editor, On your immigration story today, “Obama reshapes system,” historians will marvel at the supreme irony of President Barry Soetoro (aka “Barack Obama”) shielding his OWN undocumented children from deportation! I mean, was Barry ever naturalized? His birth certificate is fake (proved document expert Reed Hayes- google him!) which blossomed out of nothingness the same week Barry faked the killing of Bin Laden (spring, 2011) just as reelection season began. After graduating from Columbia as a foreign exchange student in 1983 (see his first book jacket), Barry went to work for Business International Corporation, now a known CIA front, when the CIA recruited him (like his parents before him. No joke.) His CLASSIFIED resume’ was crucial to his meteoric rise as Alan Keyes learned in Barry’s first and only Senate race and Mitt Romney later on. Two unprecedented secret backroom Presidential swearing in┬áceremonies later (Did he say, “I, Barry Soetoro, do solemnly swear…?), he is STILL registered to vote in D.C. as Barry Soetoro. And today he appears compassionate to 4.1 million new voters whose communities he has ravaged these past 6 years with record deportations exceeding a million people a year. How soon they forget! This man is a dangerous puppet whose strings are pulled by psychopaths. I’m really happy that Malia and Sasha won’t get deported though. Sincerely, David Bovie

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