When We Riot You’ll Know It

Ferguson-Grand-Jury-e1416882562913-620x436Editor: On today’s Ferguson psyop story, “Anger, flames, no indictment”, the verdict is in on the Pentagon’s attempt to gin up multi-city race riots in America: el floppo! The “live” announcement by Prosecutor Bob McCulloch yesterday was preceded by a GOOD 20 MINUTES on USA Today and Drudge Report web sites announcing the verdict, the indicative out of synch tell of the military psyop that this was. The weeks long Grand Jury (that should have taken a day) combined with undisclosed nationwide protester funding (NOT genuine organic grassroots anger) reveal this event from beginning to end as a Pentagon operation. Police Shooting MissouriThe absent police response last night despite weeks of preparation belies the intent to create the appearance of acrimony. In actuality, barely 200 people came out last night, half police, half paid provocateurs. fbi_cointelproWhy? On the heels of Obama’s immigration order, the hope was that Americans would suddenly feel racially divided and engage in destructive chaos from which the military would save us with a crackdown to impose “order.” Note to Pentagon: When the American people choose to reclaim our country from your talons, you won’t be able to stop us. Sincerely, David Bovie

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