Bread and Circuses

Russell_Crowe1-300x259Editor: The sports section didn’t suffice for the NFL’s news today? You had to give it front-page coverage? (Today’s “Can’t catch this”) Fine. Let’s talk about the TAX EXEMPT and NON-PROFIT NFL (IRC 501(c)(6)- in 1966 by an Act of Congress!) raking in over $9 billion in 2013, the most profitable sports league in the world. NFL Commish Roger Goodell ($27 million/year salary while fans pay for stadiums) says he wants NFL profits at $25 billion by 2027. He can do it too after the NFL last year settled for a mere $965 million a class action suit brought by 4500 past and present players (but affecting over 18000) that proved once and for all that FOOTBALL CAUSES CONCUSSIONS.headinjuries “Big hits” or “subconcussive hits” doesn’t matter,¬† football can lead to CTE, a ONCE-rare degenerative brain condition, at a YOUNG AGE (i.e. 21 year old Penn star Owen Thomas’s CTE-related suicide in 2012). Is there a better¬†method of dumbing down the young male population than making concussions rites of manhood? Orwell’s George Winston asks in 1984 of football fans “…why they couldn’t shout like that about anything that matters?” Football is as important as bullets to the New World Order- to distract the masses from the wholesale dismantling of our once great country. Keep that football crap off the front page! Sincerely, David Bovie


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