A Torturous Examination of the CIA

September 11, 1990

September 11, 1990

Editor: So the Denver Post is shocked, SHOCKED! that America’s spy agency, the CIA, engaged in torture shortly after they aided and abetted the Mossad in perpetrating 911 (“Tighten the law against torture” editorial today). Created in 1948 (a year after the National Security Act ended effectively our democratic republic), it is now well documented that virtually the entire top leadership of the CIA had direct NAZI ties including first civilian CIA Director Allen Dulles himself. By 1953, the CIA had overthrown (and humiliated with a public strip search) Jocobo Arbenz, the democratically elected leader of Guatemala, replacing him with a brutal regime that ruled that country for decades (the CIA’s first “success” and the beginning of an evil methodology). Ten years later, 1963, they murdered John Fitzgerald Kennedy. By 1990, the CIA had participated in, directed and/or financed the murder of MILLIONS worldwide. Stalin’s megalomania has nothin on the CIA. condiricetorturecrimeAlso by 1990, the CIA had installed their “visionary” Skull and Bones shill in the White House, George Bush the Elder, who announced in primetime THEIR long term goal to unite the planet under the leadership of a “New World Order” – eleven years to the day before 9 ELEVEN. The CIA is an agency of murderous traitors, not heroes, whose mission it is to increase their own power, save their own cowardly posteriors from prosecution, and subvert the will of the American people by any means necessary. Clearly, the Denver Post’s mission is to help them accomplish these goals. No, we do not need to tighten the laws on torture. We need only read the Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution where it bans “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Paul Warburg, Jekyll Island conspirator and Fed  Bank founder, testimony before the Subcommittee  on Revision of the United Nations Charter, 1950

Paul Warburg, Jekyll Island conspirator and Fed Bank founder, testimony before the Subcommittee on Revision of the United Nations Charter, 1950

Funny that didn’t occur to you when you described the torture in this report as “cruel and degrading.” Then again, the Post’s ongoing obfuscating narrative ceased being funny to me a long time ago. Sincerely, David Bovie

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