Ready to rock with the TPP

113Editor: On the amateurishly deceptive Trans Pacific Partnership story you reran for the Washington Post today (entitled “Obama seeks GOP help on trade pact” BUT SUBTITLED “Democrats are opposing the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership?”), do you fascist fools in the Pentagon (and Israel) actually believe you are ready to take on the American people? Really? I grant you that this “trade” agreement will result in the nullification of the U.S. Constitution. Deaths from negligently produced products will see no justice or remuneration in U.S. courts since corporations have NO LIABILITY under the TPP. Internet blogs like mine critical of liars like your government paper will be removed from the internet by my ISP (likely I and many others will be arrested) making information challenging the false government narrative difficult to come by. TPP-obamaAmericans will see their WAGES DROP TO VIETNAM LEVELS due to incorporating our economy with 11 other mostly destitute nations which MAY APPEAR to put us at your mercy. Local laws that attempt to remedy any of this (increases to minimum wages or tightening food standards) will enable these corporations to sue the U.S. government on the basis of “potential lost profits” AND WIN, making such local laws a zero sum game. But here’s the thing: We are the American people. We are black, white, brown, red, and yellow. We speak every language in the world. We are bound together not by borders but by an idea that every living person on this planet has rights that no government or corporation can remove. tppslide-1Oh yeah, and you failed to trick us out of our guns. We have them. We will use them. We outnumber you. And no, we will not be harming our cop brothers who have families and American values too. They are with us now and will be then too and apparently “then” is right around the corner. So you pass your law, New World Order, and we will see how well you have arranged things. Ready to rock, David Bovie

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