Israel is the problem

bibi-ccEditor, Your Washington Post story today, “Palestinians to join the ICC {Int’l Criminal Court},” was a duplicitous account of the Palestinians’ LAST HOPE against the genocidal Israeli government. Israeli war crimes in “Operation Protective Shield” include: bombing a rehab center for disabled (UN report), destruction of water supplies and sewage plants (UK Parliamentary debate), and a “pattern of targeting residential homes” (Amnesty Int’l). Israel engaged in collective, INDISCRIMINATE punishment against a whole population for the ALLEGED actions of a few (448 dead children of about 2500 killed or wounded). 665003303001_3672631916001_201471217529246580-20The conscience of American Jewry must awaken. They must eschew racist cultural doctrines that equate Palestinians to dogs and label non-Jews “Goyim” (cattle). You claim the US should use the aid provided to the Palestinian Authority ($212 million PLEDGED this year) to compel them to withdraw their criminal complaint in The Hague. But it’s the 3 BILLION BUCKS the US HAS GIVEN Israel A YEAR since 2011 (83 billion since 1948) that must be reconsidered. Supporting Israel is immoral whether Jew or Gentile. Their historical claims spurious at best (until we see the MEMO, Palestine WAS NOT promised to the Jews by God…), international-criminal-court-logo Zionism has tainted the hands of its adherents with the blood of unarmed men, women, and children whose only crime is an obstinate refusal to leave the land of their fathers. Americans would be wise to observe in the Palestinian present a likely American future as Israelis with dual citizenship serve at the highest echelons of our government, train our police, own our media, make our movies, and immunize themselves from scrutiny with howls of “antisemitism.” They may or may not be Jews, but they are certainly laboring on behalf of a genocidal, expansionist foreign power using America like an infatuated teenager. I hope The Hague grants President Abbas’s request that we may see justice. Sincerely, David Bovie

“I and the public know
What all schoolchildren learn,
Those to whom evil is done
Do evil in return.” -W.H. Auden

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