Vaccination Is Extermination

Guidesontes2Editor, On the pro-vaccination editorial CARTOON in the Denver Post today (Parents on couch with measles-ridden kids. Dad says, “They won’t let our unvaccinated kids go to school and infect all the other kids with measles!” Mom says, “I can’t believe we’re living in America anymore!”), this is propaganda akin to Jim Jones conditioning his followers to drink Kool Aid and die. Whether it be Fox or MSNBC, the discussion last week swirled around whether parents who know better than to trust the psychopaths running this gov’t SHOULD BE JAILED for refusing vaccination. ALLEGEDLY, maybe 100 measles cases spread from DisneyLand out of 320 million people (TERRIFYING!!) which has been ginned up to atomize those who resist cartoonish propaganda. Let’s just try to understand what kind of sickos are aligned against us. THEY told us their plan. It’s still there for all to see. guidestones4Anonymously constructed in tiny Elberton, Georgia in 1979, the Georgia Guidestones consist of 8 obelisks, astronomically aligned, upon which are scrawled the New World Order’s plan for, well, a new world order. On each obelisk, written in eight modern languages (and a shorter message atop the capstone in four ancient languages), are scrawled nothing less than the NWO’s 10 political objectives (dubbed the Ten Satanic Commandments) for their new age. The first one is the biggie: “Maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature.” Tie this in with the mural narrative portrayed at the Denver International Masonic Airport and you can begin to glean the malevolence at the top of the human food chain. These guys want to kill us. Guidesontes1Oh! But we should “trust science.” Tell that to the Guantanamo prisoners whose tortures WERE SUPERVISED BY DOCTORS. Tell that to the 35 million AIDS victims, a disease created by CIA doctors in the early seventies while the CDC told us it came from monkeys in Africa. At this point things are pretty simple. If your TV is on, you are hearing lies. Sincerely, David Bovie

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