Rotten to the CORE

TheWall1Editor: On Kerrie Dallman’s “Education reformers in denial” editorial today, the men who conceived “Common Core” want control not reform. Dallman’s beef is with all the darn testing (robbing 30% of classroom time) and teaching “to the test” (but no talk of test’s contents). Nor does she mention Common Core. She is a shill, rehashing old arguments to distract from the reality that a tiny group of powerful men HAS poster_common_core_fistCONSPIRED to make billions off the obliteration of American education. In 1989, “Skull & Bones” George Bush Sr. met with the Governors Association at the Charlottesville Education Summit (chaired by “Rhodesian” Gov Bill Clinton) to set “national standards” for education. In 2001, local control of education died with the No Child Left Behind Act signed by (“S&B”) Bush Junior. Governors were baited by grants and threatened with loss of TitleĀ I money if they opted out. NCLB widened the achievement gap just in time for the final phase of THEIR plan to detach American youth from their history, extinguish their souls and program them for drone status. In 2008, the Gates Foundation began funding the Hunt Institute to drum up support for centralized education (with ONE data system!). As before, 46 governors were coerced to join Common Core, and through executive order Obama rescinded FERPA privacy laws giving Feds TOTAL ACCESS to every detail of students, teachers and their families. The new “standard” hasn’t a shred of research to support it and not one educational expert signed off on it. It guts key math conceptsBones_logo in grade school, setting back students 1 to 2 years. American history becomes word salad. Suddenly, an Orwellian “truth” becomes possible in the classroom- 1+1 CAN = 3, as long as you can explain your answer. And look out for those math tests! Students report EXTREMELY ODD colors and sounds (why are headphones mandatory?) resulting in headaches and God knows what else. Parents: You opt out BY OPTING OUT! Sincerely, David Bovie

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  1. Your titles are boring and do nothing to catch the viewers attention. You need more colorful titles that people tend to type in search engines. The article drags on like starting off in the middle of a novel so people feel lost at the beginning of the article.

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