smash_bgIn 2008, I supported Barack Obama. I cried the evening he was elected because I was so proud of this country. Now I see that he is a demagogue and that I was fooled.

The U.S. Constitution, for all its flaws, is the reason we were once the greatest country in the world. With the passage of the Patriot Act (followed by the Commissions Act of 2006 and the NDAA of 2011), we lost our Constitution. It’s that simple. Legally, we no longer have any rights under the Constitution. Appreciating the truth of that statement is the primary purpose of this blog.

Obama is part of an evil conspiracy. It is not mysterious or theoretical. It is real and documented, and it began with the National Security Act of 1947. That enabled the insertion of “state secrets” into the legal system. It also allowed for the creation of the CIA the following year and the birth of the concept of “plausible deniability” -if they can plausibly deny it, then it’s okay. That was then. Now they don’t even have to deny it. It also enabled the CIA to legally infiltrate every area of government and private industry including our media. That began with Operation Mockingbird (1948). Although not legal yet, it allowed the CIA to feed major media outlets news stories. Soon, they had CIA assets hired as journalists and broadcasters. Now they have “Pysop Units” stationed directly inside all mainstream media headquarters so they can coordinate mass media deceptions. That’s how they pulled off 9/11.

Their victory is not inevitable. They do have all the money, most of the resources, and control of virtually every institution, but they are playing a losing game. Entropy is setting in. Key for them to maintain their grip is to perpetuate an illusion of invincibility by cultivating mass hysteria. 

In January of this year (2013), an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act went into effect that nullified the Smith Mundt Act of 1948. Smith Mundt made it illegal for the US Government to engage in domestic psychological operations. Rescinding that law allows the US Government to legally coordinate these mass media deceptions.

The four months prior to this Amendment taking effect saw an historic rash of mass shootings, all of them supposedly perpetrated by lone gunmen. Many of them were actually psychological operations performed by functionaries of our military and intelligence communities, aided and abetted by the FBI.

From the Aurora shooting here in Denver (August, 2012) to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut (December, 2012) and all the shootings in between, the Federal government was attempting to fool the American people into passing the most Draconian gun control law in American history (USSB 150) which was proposed by traitor Diane Feinstein in mid January, 2013 (a month almost to the day after Sandy Hook). Instead, after each of these incidents, the perceptive American people bought more and more guns and God bless them for doing so. That bill remains in committee awaiting a distracted moment for its passage.

The purpose of this blog is to wake you up. It is intended to piss you off and reveal to you the extent you are being deceived on a daily basis. My focus has been the Denver Post and much of this blog entails letters I send to the Post weekly. They have printed a few of them, but that isn’t important to me. What is important is to accumulate a record of deception for the present and for the future and perhaps create greater awareness among the Denver Post Editorial staff and journalists. There are loyal Americans among them.

This blog is also intended to convince you to resist. RESIST. Don’t go along with the mind controlled herd anymore. I also try to show you how to resist wisely. The foot soldiers doing the heavy lifting of this conspiracy are being trained to believe that any one of us could be a terrorist carrying an atom bomb in our back pack. This is Dick Cheney’s infamous “1% rule.” If there is a one percent chance that a citizen MIGHT be a terrorist, would you violate his rights? Getting this insanity out of the heads of these foot soldiers without alienating them is part of my resistance theory.

What I am proposing to you, reader, is that you become a “Change Agent.” This involves a commitment to finding the truth, not acting like you have a monopoly on it. Likely, you have a host of false premises in your head. You need to start over completely with your political viewpoint. I had to and I have two degrees in American History!

Being a Change Agent means not falling for the fallacious traps that THEY are using to divide us. Racism is at the top of that list. If you think that skin color makes one more prone to be dependent upon government or more likely to commit crime, if that is the depth of your thought process, please stop reading and go join the Klan.

Just below racism is the fallacious belief that government, any government, can give or take away your rights. They can’t. Our rights are…what’s the right word…INALIENABLE. That means every single human being on this planet has them whether they exercise them or not.

Another fallacy is the belief that government doesn’t work. Of course it does, unless you elect someone who runs on a platform that government doesn’t work. Then it won’t work. One should ask why one would want to run part of the government if they don’t think government can work. Is there another profession where this is possible? Does the size and scope of government need to be curtailed? Obviously, I believe so, but our self-governance depends on our faith in our ability to self-govern. The alternative is some form of dictatorship which is what THEY are after.

How do I think you can become an effective Change Agent?

Step one is realizing that the two party system is there to trick you into picking two candidates preselected to work directly against your interests. Is this always the case? It is the rule, not the exception. The National Defense Authorization Act legalizing unlimited detention without due process or access to an attorney passed the Senate 93 to 7. That’s 93 TRAITORS from both parties. No clearer evidence of a conspiracy of the elites could be provided if one only has eyes to see.

Step two is to examine everything a politician DOES and compare it to everything that politician SAYS. If they don’t line up, then that politician is what we call a big fat liar. If big fat liars don’t bother you, then you need to stop reading and see if Homeland Security is hiring. Obama promised to close Guantanamo prison. Instead, Mr. Peace Prize has allowed the prisoners to be force fed, which is torture. Although I could, I have no need to provide a clearer example.

We can fight them and, I hate to break it to you, you WILL fight them because soon you will have no choice. They are escalating monthly and there is definitely an agenda and it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the Constitution of the United States of America. Therefore, it must be stopped or we are all cooked.

Thank you for visiting my site.

David Bovie M.A.